Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An innocent addiction

My pen collection--
Fountain pens: 7 (one didn't make it into the picture).
Gel ink pens: 16.
Highlighters: 2.
Mechanical pencils: 2.
Other pens: 11.

Why am I bringing this up now? Oh, maybe because as much as I love my Lamy Safari fountain pen, I felt the need to buy a new nib for it. The Fine nib wasn't cutting it for me, so I just purchased an Extra Fine nib. (As wonderful as the ink flow is, I just felt like I had to write bigger than I like to with the Fine nib.) As it turns out, in order to get free shipping from JetPens, you need to have $25 of merchandise in your basket, and the one nib didn't quite cut it. So I may have bought a few more pens and a few ink cartridges. My excuse? I journal several times a week, and I've started writing real life letters again. I also sketch from time to time in ink. (Which I feel like I need to do more.) So I need a bunch of different pens for my different uses. Like I have one pen exclusively for writing on envelopes. (I bought it to address thank you notes.) I'm really excited to get my package in the mail, and can't wait to try out a few more ink colors.
My favorite ink colors? Thus far they are Noodler's Heart of Darkness (because it is SUPER black), the gray of my Zebra Sarasa (it almost looks like pencil lead on certain papers), various browns, and blue-black inks. However, I've also been won over by my Uni-ball Signo's Lavender Black ink. I usually shy away from overly darling colors, but this is not middle school purple. It is grown up and sophisticated.
So there you have it. I'll probably share which of my inks and pens are my favorites and why at some later date. Consider yourself warned. 

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