Thursday, April 23, 2009

Worldwide Pinhole day

It's on my birthday this year.

And, yes, there is a website!

I'm prepared. I have a Holga that I now know how to easily convert to a PinHolga. Later this week, I'm planning on making a cheap little pinhole camera with my own two hands. Two pinholes for Worldwide Pinhole day, for my birthday. What a treat.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Indiana Photo Adventures

I have taken a good number of photos while I've been in Indiana. If the weather would have cooperated, I would have taken a great deal more. As it stands, it has rained here more than it has not. That hasn't been beneficial to my photography explorations. I'm not going to complain too much, however, since I did have a few gorgeous days out here, and I put those to good use.

In the days to come, however, I will have a few rolls of film developed and scanned to share. I'll admit that those are the ones I am the most excited about. I spent one day walking around Indianapolis on my own with a borrowed SLR Minolta (thanks, Jon), my Holga, my Windsor, and my old Nikon Coolpix E4600. Yep, that's the scrappy little digital that I use. Nothing special, but I have fun with it. Here are a couple of the photos I have to share for now:

self-portait on museum grounds

Garden Symmetry

This, my friends, is my Holga. I lent it to my dear little Jenna, who took it on adventures with her. When she returned, I took a couple of photos of her on a hike we took. Those photos can be seen here. (She's got this one shot with an amazing sun flare in it--I'm a little jealous.)

Since being reunited, I turned my Holga into a pin-Holga for a few shots, and then finished out the roll with the lens attached. I did this while my Holga was rigged to take 35mm film. I have that roll as well as a roll of color 120 format slide film to look forward to from my time out here. My Windsor has gone through a roll of 120 format B&W film and is working its way through some color slide film as well. When I took the Minolta with me to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I took all sorts of photos on it while walking around the gardens. It was mostly for play, so I'm not sure how the shots will turn out, but either way, it was exciting.

The only wish I have left when it comes to all of this photography fun is to go back to Lafayette, Indiana before I leave. I would still like a nice day out there to photograph the buildings around the Tippecanoe County library. They have so much personality and history.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I've been doing lots of singing in Indiana so far. Mike's been writing his own music to use as the soundtrack to one of the documentaries, and I've gotta say, it's pretty good. He's been having me listen in, comment on the lyrics and tempo, and sing. He's got me doing the harmony, and it has been a lot of fun. I usually save my singing for car rides or alone-time. So, it's been fun to actually be asked to belt things out and to really give some input. I'm not sure if we'll actually record any of them with my vocals, but either way, it's nice to get to use my voice.

As far as visual arts go: I packed up a total of four cameras to Indiana. I've got two toy cameras, one really nice SLR, and then my fun little point and shoot digital. I aim to use them lots and lots while I'm out here, and I hope to get better at the SLR business. Today after I went on a run around a local park, I got my Holga out of the car and took a few shots.

I've also brought along a fresh new sketchbook, and I hope to put that to good use out here as well.

Some time in the next week or two, we're going on a field trip to the Museum of Art in Indianapolis. I'm so excited.