Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August paintings under way

So I didn't make it into the show. But I now have a handful of happy and fresh paintings that I can either try to get into some other show or possible give away. Or then there's etsy. . . maybe there's something worth trying out. We'll see. Either way, artist's block, what artist's block?
I'm back to painting and creating again, and I think that's a way better thing to be able to report than just being in one little ol' show. Don't you agree? :)

In the meantime, here's a few of my latest little ones...



The Beginnings Of A Family Tree

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fingers Crossed

I been painting and sketching (I need to photograph those...) and keeping myself artistically busy, when a call for entries link was delivered to my in-box. I only had a few days to get my act together and submit up to five entries. And here was the catch--I had to be prepared to sell the pieces if they were accepted. What could I do? I'd been working on a few things for friends and family lately, so those most definitely couldn't go, even if they are beauties. (Yes, dear friends and winners of my give-away... I have you on my mind and I am working on your prezzies.)

After much scribbling, scrawling, doodling, sawing, gesso-ing, and painting, I came up with four paintings on masonite (hardboard) and a photograph to enter. I sent five of my creations off into the world today.

The photo is the oldest piece that I submitted, and it can be found here. It is one of my favorite Holga photographs and was taken last summer.

The other pieces range from a portrait to an aerial landscape to a couple of more abstract/narrative pieces. I'll include photos of them soon enough. For now I'm just going to relax as much as I can while I await the verdict. I find out on the 19th if I'm in. (Send me good vibes.)

If I get in, I'll celebrate with cake. If I don't... I'll still be happy that I got so much painting and art done in just a short chunk of time. And I'll have more gifts to give.