Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back from a while away

I've been traveling and thinking and planning and house and garden fixing, and all of those things have kept me busy and away from my blogs. I want to consolidate things, but for now, I have to admit that I am having the hardest time whittling down my blogs. So, for now, this one continues. I want to keep a fun experimental blog going, and for now this one is my best answer to that desire.
So the good news is that I had a lovely holiday to my childhood homeland. The bad news is that my Polaroid 350 decided to rebel and I didn't get one shot out of it. The other goodness (because I hate to end on bad news) is that my other cameras cooperated, and I have a few scanned and ready to start sharing, and others that I have yet to get developed.
Lots and lots to share from beautiful Texas coming up.
For now, here's a Polaroid:

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