Monday, February 14, 2011

Cedar Mountain

A day of snowy wonder. I took loads of photos. And I carried a massive camera bag around in snow. Dangerous? Maybe. But I didn't fall too far into the snow as I walked about. In all, I used 6 cameras that day. Five are analog. 

These are the shots I took on my Polaroid sx70 using px70 PUSH! film from The Impossible Project:

The trick to shooting the above film in the snow was to place it in a dark, sturdy, warm place to allow it to develop to its full potential. I found that using an old cold clip from a land camera worked quite well for the px70 PUSH! film. 

The shot below was captured on my Keystone 60 Second Everflash camera, using vintage Polaroid 669 film that expired in 1999. 

As you can see, the chemicals have started to get all weird, hence the color cast and "off" edges. But it still works. And by that I mean that it can still capture images. I think that my favorite use for this film is landscape photography, although photographing people and animals in blue green tones can be fun, too. 

I'll be sharing more shots from this day soon. 

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