Monday, January 03, 2011

lots of developing

So, since moving to southern Utah, I have found it quite difficult to get my medium format film developed and to get my 35mm film developed well. No one around here seems to be into film anymore. So I can get my frames cut in half at Walgreens, or just sit on my film and wait for the day I can get them developed.
Well, after two unsuccessful ventures to Walgreens for my 35mm film, I decided to just hold onto all of my film and develop it when I have the chance.
My first opportunity in a while came this past week. I was visiting the Cincinnati area with my hubby, and we went to a place in town that still develops film of all sorts. Hurray! I dropped off about 10 rolls of film to get developed and scanned. Yikes! I normally like developing my film as I go, so that I'm only paying for a roll or two at a time. But I'm in a tough spot what with no one around me doing a decent job developing. I'm so excited to get my film back. And I'm a bit nervous. I'm not a fan of mailing stuff as precious as my negatives. But I'm hopeful that they'll do a good job and I'm glad that they choose to send stuff UPS. (Tracking packages gives me peace of mind.)
What a wonderful Christmas present, and one that I can share with Jon and friends. There are lots of photos that I'm looking forward to seeing how they turned out, and still others that I'm sure will be a surprise.

Also, changes are a comin'-- consider yourself warned.

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