Tuesday, September 21, 2010

where i live

mint and sweet potato, originally uploaded by Janelka.

New home, new routines, new life. But not new like fresh from the store new. My new life is freshly pressed or overly starched. Nah. I'd compare it to a soft thrift-store sweater, but would that sound weird? The new life is comfortable, is what I'm saying.
Jon and I are coming up with our own new habits, rituals, and family activities for our new family of two.
Here is a snapshot of a little corner of a backyard, where the mints and sweet potatoes are growing into one another, pressing up against eachother, and filling in and overflowing their boundaries. It makes me happy.

Taken on my SX-70 camera, using Impossible Project's PX 70 First Flush film.

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