Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Start of Something Lovely

So, I have recently obtained two old Polaroid cameras. One is a Super Shooter, and it looks like THIS. The other is a land camera, model 215, and it looks like SO. Or, if you want to look at it from the side, look HERE.

Snow Canyon, at dusk-- A Super Shooter photograph.
Snow Canyon

Cedar Breaks. Super Shooter shot.
Cedar Breaks
I love how it got all melty along the right edge. Some might call that a mistake, but I'm rather happy with it.

Desert Blossoms.
desert blossoms
The photo above, I took just outside of Jon's house with my 215.
The one below is the same subject matter a little bit later in the day taken with my Super Shooter. I decided that out of focus helped me focus on the color better. Plus, as a bonus, you still get the impression of flowers and clouds and deep blue desert sky.

Blur Blossom

And, a shot Jon took of me when we were hiking around a couple of weekends ago...
Among the Aspens
This shot was taken on my 215 up American Fork Canyon on a little side trail that we stumbled upon.

Trying to do some closer focus using my 215, I should have known better than to trust Leo to hold still. It was getting dusky, so there wasn't much light, and Leo loves to roll, so here's what I got:

Ghost Cat

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