Sunday, April 18, 2010

Analog shots from last year

Ah, the joy of analog. My Holga and now defunct Windsor have given me more fun shots. Most of these are from last year, but I only got around to developing them a few months ago. That's yet another reason for loving film cameras. I remember that I took a bunch of photos, but I don't always remember the shots in great detail, and I never know just how most of the photos will look (since I often shoot on slide film and then get it cross-processed), so when I actually get around to developing and printing these kinds of photos, I never know exactly what to expect. And therein lies the allure. Every time its an adventure.

As you scroll through these, take a moment to enjoy the vignettes along the edges (all thanks to the magic of cruddy cameras) as well as how everything gets all soft-focused the farther out from center you look. Plastic lenses make for some dreamy images. And any photos with crazy color shifts? Yep, those are cross-processed. Hope you enjoy them.

Holga photo of sandstone mesas in Zion National Park. This photo was taken just after doing Keyhole Canyon. Summer 2009.

Windsor photo taken in Indiana, on break from work. April 2009.

Windsor photo of capitol building in Indianapolis, April 2009. I loved the light when I got to this little park area. I took way too many photos just then.

Windsor photo of courthouse in Lafayette, IN. April 2009.

Lafayette, Indiana statue man. Notice the real sword in his hands. Windsor photograph, taken April 2009.

Holga photograph containing part of the statue man and his building. April 2009.

Windsor photograph of (I believe) a bank in Lafayette, IN. April 2009.

My dear little sister, days after I took her through the Subway in Zion. I believe she was fully recovered by this time. Holga photo taken September 2009.

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