Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Art and Music

One new painting finished. A few more paintings under way. Many, many sketches and doodles accomplished over the last week and a half. And I have a new reason to keep going. I have a deal with a musician friend of mine that goes like this-- "For every painting you do, I'll write a new song." And why not? He's a great musician, and I'm okay with what I do in the art realm. (I may have to enlarge our deal to include my photographs and collages.) And art and music do blend well together.

He and I have been thinking that to brainstorm out some ideas together, or to bounce energy and motivation off of one another would keep our momentum going. I think this just might work. And, while I don't have internet, and am using the public library, you'll have to make do with some recent-ish photos I've taken.

Trumpet Flower

Frozen Marsh

Winter Field

Bright, Shiny, Happy

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jess said...

Dood your photos are awesome. Ya got some skill. have you ever considered entering into some publication/contest? How about: http://www.worldphotographyawards.org/ I stumbled upon that when I found out about this guy's stuff: www.kacperkowalski.pl/ check out seasons, ameoba and spring...
but back to you:) I just really like that the colors in the marsh, and field, and that zoom on the moon is freakin amazing.