Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Photos I took on my last trip to St George, Utah. I usually spend most of my photographing energy within slot canyons or while scrambling around with friends. But sometimes it is nice to switch things up. Wanting to find color swatches, I walked around part of "downtown" St George and found these beauties. It was right around sunset, and while I usually like bright sunny images or moody canyon shots, I found this subdued lighting rather lovely. What do you think?

(by the BLM office)



Station 2

Blades 1

These aren't my typical subjects, but oh how I love them. Turns out, if you want inspiration, sometimes it isn't so much the locale as a change in perspective that that is in order.


Anonymous said...

cool; fun, fun, fun...i like the colors, and i am sure that you'll use them in some painting or other artistic endeavor...i am also impressed that you find inspiration in the minimal everyday objects... it is a good thing that you named your photos; for example that close-up of the hydrant sometimes looks like a bowl to me...or the grass blades look like huge tropical palm leaves ...keep it; very rich colors

janina r said...

love it...verrry nice colors in unexpected places.