Monday, August 04, 2008

Toy Camera

I have fallen for my toy cameras. I started out with just my Holga, but I now have a Windsor as well. There is something magical about a plastic lens, about leaving things open to chance. There are things that happen that you have no control over. At times it just a mess. But sometimes you end up with some really amazing accidents.
Because they are the way they are, you get some weird looks from people. I take them around with me pretty much anywhere I go these days, so I'm getting used to the extra glances or even random questions. "Is that thing for real?" or, "How old are those things?" Sometimes you end up having some pretty cool conversations.
But enough about all that. Here are a few of my latest Holga photographs:

Lehi summer

I love this shot. I had to put my camera over a fence and maneuver the camera around with my arms between some metal bars to get it (a little awkward), but I think it was worth it.


I love how with a Holga, no line is ever really straight. I also like the colors here, as well as the little fluffy clouds over those nearly straight lines.


This shot was taken while walking around San Antonio, Texas. These buildings were tucked away, but we spotted them walking back to our car. It was on color slide film, but I liked this shot better in black and white, so there you have it. I love how grainy it turned out. Oh, and check out the vignetting on this shot. Beautiful.

Fig Tree

This shot was taken on my folks' property in Magnolia, Texas. First, I love that they have a fig tree. Second, I love that I got to eat a fig before the squirrels ate them all. Last, I love how you sometimes get random light leaks and flares when you use a Holga.

That's all I've got for you for the moment. I'll share more later.


sir mister landlord sir said...

It's good to hear you put more explanatory emotion into each experimental piece here. There's really not as good a way to do that in flickr. I guess I'll start chatting with you online now.

Ariana said...

I love your art and I love your descriptions of the who, what, where behind each piece.

I can't believe we didn't get together when you were here!! I got your email the day you were leaving and was kicking myself that I didn't see you before we move to Arizona.

For some reason I never clicked over on your name until now to see if you blog. I'm so excited that you are! I love seeing these posts.

Nelka said...

Sir: Thanks for taking the time to read it all after you've seen it all... :)

Ariana: I just started this blog to keep my artistic endeavors separate from my "real life." I have another blog that I use to write about my life or my other random thoughts... So you're actually one of the first to read this one. :)

If you were moving a little later in the year, I think I'll be back in the area again in October... But maybe I could stop by in AZ some time--who knows.

So yea, thanks for liking my stuff and for sharing your comment. Keep the comments coming. It is always great to hear from fellow artists.

janina r said...

this is such a "surreal", dreamy pic...i am going to make me a print of this, ok?